As an experienced R&D tax credits expert, Darryl's focus is on helping local companies claim this most generous of tax incentives.

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  • Specialist in Research & Development tax reliefs
  • Previously specialised in R&D at HMRC as an R&D Tax Inspector
  • 33 years experience in the Public Sector at HMRC
  • Significant experience of how HMRC work and investigations
  • AAT Level 4 qualified

I joined Shorts’ Radius team, having previously worked at HM Revenue & Customs for 33 years and having performed a variety of roles over the years.

Whilst at HM Revenue & Customs, I specialised in R&D tax credits as a Tax Inspector bringing experience and knowledge of the R&D scheme that few other providers can rival. This enables me to maximise our clients’ claims whilst preparing a robust claim that meets current HMRC guidelines.

I have extensive knowledge of HMRC enquiries and how to minimise the risk of any claim. If you or another provider have submitted an R&D claim and have an HMRC enquiry, I can also help to advise on this and guide you through the process.

Having worked at HMRC for so long, I understand their processes and this is a valuable tool for Shorts and our clients.


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