PraxityGlobal Alliance

The world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms.

Allowing our clients full access to high-quality international advice.

Andy Irvine

In early 2018, Shorts were delighted to join Praxity Global Alliance, the world’s largest alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms.  As part of our long-term growth strategy, we wanted to enhance support for those clients who are exploring overseas opportunities, by joining an international association whose members provided a strong worldwide footprint.

Praxity Global Alliance

Praxity is the world’s biggest alliance of independent accountancy and consulting firms and its sixth-largest accounting association*. A not-for-profit association, Praxity facilitates the sharing of expertise among its participant firms around the world. Each participant firm hand-picks expert advisers from more than 47,000 professionals in over 100 countries. These expert advisers work together seamlessly in multidisciplinary teams across international borders to meet every client need. Praxity participant firms have a combined turnover of US$5.20 billion. Collectively, they have achieved eleven years of continuous growth.

Why we chose Praxity

Put simply, Praxity firms’ clients enjoy unrivalled professional support to help them navigate complex business and tax affairs across multiple borders worldwide. Praxity members are free to hand-pick expert advisers from over 600 offices in more than 100 countries, forming multi-disciplinary teams to meet every client need.

Key facts about Praxity:

  • World’s largest and fastest-growing alliance of independent accounting and consulting firms*
  • World’s sixth largest accounting organisation, including Big4*
  • 760+ offices worldwide providing solutions
  • 100+ countries giving truly local coverage
  • 60,000+ people worldwide
  • US$6.96bn – global revenue is continually increasing
  • Praxity has won Thought Leadership Initiative of the Year 2020, Accounting Association of the Year 2019, Campaign of the year in 2018, Accounting Association of the Year in 2017, 2016, 2014 and was Rising Star Association of the Year in 2013 – the first year the awards were given.

*International Accounting Bulletin World Survey 2020

Participant firms are handpicked

All are successful, highly-rated by peers and share the same service ethos and international collaborative spirit. Senior-level expertise and local knowledge is critical. Every firm is assessed by the membership committee every three years to ensure they are maintaining high levels of service and performance.

Careful vetting has already been done

Clients can skip the troublesome process of searching for and appointing accounting firms in each international territory and firms have every confidence in their international Praxity colleagues. In many regions, there is more than one firm, giving even greater choice when pulling a team together.

*International Accounting Bulletin World Table 2018

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