Rollem Patent Products

Shorts explain things in a way that anybody in business could understand.

Stuart Murphy - Managing Director, Rollem Patent Products

Shorts appeared in Rollem’s board minutes in 1952 and until probably the last decade were principally our auditing accountants.  These days they have changed (as we have).  For example, Rollem runs without an FD because Shorts can fit into that.  Rather than a 5 days a week high salary FD, I have Shorts one or two, covering the compliance I need for management accounts, tax etc.  I don’t just get an accountant, but the back-up of a very large team who can support me.

Shorts provide a soundboard for me to discuss various options of strategy, the pros and cons of each one, and that’s a relationship that works very well.  Not just with Andy Irvine who is our principal contact but we regularly meet with 5 or 6 different people in Shorts looking after different projects.   It’s a flexible resource that can be as large or as small as I want.

Probably a third of our business is involved in R&D, so getting our R&D tax credit strategy correct is very important.  Shorts prepare the reports and submissions for us, meaning that information is accepted straight away.  It takes a certain expertise to manage the process properly and I doubt whether there are many in this area who genuinely do it as well as Shorts.

Shorts Services

Accountancy Services
  • Annual accounts and corporation tax
  • Corporate Strategy
Business Taxes
  • Capital allowances review
Corporate Finance
  • Lead Adviser on business restructure
Private Client
  • Adviser to employee group pension scheme
  • Monthly management accounts through Genus
  • R&D tax relief claims on product development
  • Patent Box tax relief advice
  • Strategic funding advice
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