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I can honestly say that the move to Xero was one of the best back office decisions we have made

Stephen Thompson

We have been working with Shorts for some time now, during which time, our business has grown and developed. Shorts have always been there to support us through this period of change and are proactive in the advice they give us.

Until relatively recently, we have supplied Shorts with our annual accounting information in a large brown leather suitcase and had our accounts produced at the end of the year. Earlier last year we finally had a fast broadband connection to the farm and it was around this time that our account contact at Shorts suggested that we discuss moving to online cloud accounting using Xero with their Genus Projects Team who could show us the benefits of using Xero and Auto-Entry.

Tim came out to the farm to meet us and we discussed the business and our future plans. Moving our accounting online was going to be a big change for us, but I knew straight away that we were in safe hands. Tim quickly understood our business and the information that we needed to enable us to operate and to grow. He was then able to suggest the best systems and processes for us to get this information in the most cost-effective and efficient manner. He gave us a demonstration of Xero and Auto-Entry and talked us through how they would work for us and the process that the Genus team use to get clients set-up and working on their new systems, as painlessly and quickly as possible. After understanding the benefits and how we would be supported through this process, my initial worries about moving to a new system were allayed.

Once we had decided to proceed with the project, we were introduced to the team and given a personal key contact who would oversee the implementation. The projects team used our existing records to build our accounts within Xero and built us a simple chart of accounts based on our initial discussions with Tim. This was all completed behind the scenes and didn’t require much any time from me, bar answering a few simple questions. Once the system was set up, they came to the farm and sat down with me, explaining how to use Xero and Auto-Entry. We used actual invoices and live data from my bank account to quickly get an understanding of the system. After a couple of hours and a few cups of coffee and biscuits, I felt confident to use the system on my own.

Knowing that I also had two months of support from the Genus Projects Team to hold my hand as I started to use the system has been very reassuring as a back-up. The support they have provided, coupled with their expert knowledge and the way Xero is so easy to use, has made the process feel quite straightforward.

I can honestly say that the move to Xero was one of the best back-office decisions we have made, as we can now see how exactly how we are doing and use this in our plans for growing our business.

COVID-19In line with the most recent Government announcements, both of our offices still remain closed to clients and all but a few essential members of our team. Over the coming weeks, our phased transition will see members of our team returning to the office, where we have made a number of changes to ensure a safe working environment. All of our team can still be contacted by clients, whether working from home or in the office. If you would like to speak to one of them, please contact them via their direct email or mobile number. Calls to our office reception numbers will be answered, and a message passed on, for your call to be returned.