Dickinson Philips

We are delighted to have completed the transaction and are proud to say that our Company is now employee-owned.

John Hayes, Shareholder of Dickinson Philips Ltd

How were you originally introduced to Shorts?

We found Shorts on Google when searching “Exit strategies”.

When you started to think about your exit, were EOTs something that you were aware of?

No. We’d never heard of them until stumbling upon them on the Shorts website! – Neither had our accountants at this point!

What are the main advantages to you, of considering the EOT as a method of exit?

Leaving a lasting legacy to staff members, tax breaks are a bonus.

How did the EOT process meet your expectations? Did it go as planned?

Pretty much as planned, though hard to get your head around some aspects.
In fairness, we are engineers, not accountants, so probably to be expected.

How did the management team feel about the process, when you first told them about the EOT?

Sceptical at first and again, found it hard to take in all the details.

How do the team feel now, as the process has gone on?

All seem happy and we’ve noticed changes in attitude (for the better) already with some members of staff.

Did anything surprise you about the process?

The amount of legal paperwork!

What would you say to someone who might be considering an EOT?

If you care about the people who helped your business succeed then this is a great option.

There are risks associated for the vendors in that if things go awry, they may not receive the full value. This is offset to some degree by achieving full market value over time compared to a trade sale where there will be haggling.  Remaining involved with the business for a while makes for a much smoother handover reducing risk further.

Would you recommend Shorts to someone planning their exit strategy at this time?

Shorts have been both helpful and efficient with our transaction.

What three words would you use to describe the service provided by Shorts?

Responsive, Friendly, Helpful.

About Dickinson Philips

Dickinson Philips has been delivering exceptional standards of injection moulding and toolmaking to an ever-growing customer base since 1979. Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, the Gateway to the Yorkshire Dales, they run a high quality and established operation that provides manufacturing excellence to customers across the United Kingdom.

Their straight-talking, friendly and reliable team of experts are proud to deliver outstanding levels of service and quality in all that they do.

Be assured that you will receive excellent service from Dickinson Philips’ experienced and knowledgeable workforce, who pride themselves on problem-solving and making your plastic injection moulding journey as easy as possible

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