Abbeydale Brewery

They have a very modern rather than traditional accountancy outlook.

Sue Morton - Director, Abbeydale Brewery Limited

We decided about a year ago that we needed to change accountants.  Shorts seemed to be the most forward-looking of the accountants that we talked to, they have a very modern rather than traditional accountancy outlook.  We were very impressed by Malcolm and at the second interview we had the entire team here, so we were able to talk to the tax people, able to talk to Scott; that really gave us reassurance that they were taking us very seriously.

The Genus team have been really helpful; they’ve helped us to switch from our old accounts package into Xero, that’s meant changing some of our working practices so they’ve been coming and sitting alongside the bookkeepers and helping them to make those changes devising new reports and working practices for us which has been great and is really showing benefits now.

Shorts did an R&D claim for us which we weren’t aware of before. They came in, looked at what we were doing and submitted quite a significant claim for the previous three years which offset a lot off our tax bill.  They did all the work for us; just asked questions and it went through instantly.  From starting the process with Shorts we had the money in our account within five weeks, seriously improving our cash flow.

We are also looking to expand quite quickly and need to raise funds to do that.  Shorts have really helped us with that partly by introducing us to people who can help us with grants and we’re now talking to Sheffield City Region and Growth hub.

Shorts Services

Accountancy Services
  • Annual accounts and corporation tax
  • Payroll management
Business Taxes
  • Strategic advice
Private Client
  • Personal Self Assessment compliance
  • Systems reviews and the introduction of improved systems by the Projects Team and the creation of bespoke forecasts
  • Quarterly management accounts through Genus
  • Partner attendance at quarterly board meetings
  • Grant applications and funding assistance
  • R&D tax claims on product development
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