R&D tax relief in the transport industry

The transport industry in the UK is a real hub of innovation, from road and rail engineering, to vehicular manufacturing. Learn more about how Radius has helped transport companies with R&D tax relief.

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R&D tax relief for transport

R&D naturally plays a major role in the transport industry, where the innovation is as rapid as it is significant. From railways and infrastructure to vehicular engineering and accessories, the transport industry covers an enormous range of companies. 

Radius is proud to have helped these transport industry clients save huge amounts of tax through R&D tax relief. 


Saving for a motor engineering manufacturer

Development of a rally car for operating in a heavily regulated sector. The development used innovative engineering designs in combination with the 25+ years’ experience of the company’s technical staff. Areas of development included minimising weight on the vehicle, maximising safety, increasing efficiency and reliability, and reducing costs.


Saving for a seating manufacturer

Developing seating solutions to meet requirements of a demanding industry. The company’s main R&D projects involve product and process development. R&D involving product development has included CAD design, mechanical mapping, prototyping, and testing to meet the highest specifications and safety standards.


Saving for a supplier of products and services to the rail industry

Development of track solutions and components for railway lines. The company’s R&D projects surround producing solutions which are cost effective, accurate, easy to install and use, and able to withstand a variety of weather conditions.

R&D opportunities in transport

Despite the massive innovation that takes place within the transport industry, HMRC statistic show that it is one of the smallest UK sectors in terms of both the number of claims made, and amount of relief claimed.

The Radius team has successfully submitted lots of claims in this area – from innovation on transport solutions to warehousing systems.

Many innovative companies will not realise they qualify for this generous tax relief opportunity, so we encourage all businesses, who use technical staff to solve technical problems, to check their eligibility today.

Examples of qualifying R&D projects in transport

A huge number of projects will qualify for R&D tax relief, providing they meet a couple of key conditions. Firstly, they must seek an overall advance in science or technology, not just the company itself. Secondly, the advance will often be seen in the development of new products or processes, but the work must go beyond routine, easily established solutions.

Here are some examples of qualifying projects that Radius has helped companies claim for:

  • Remote monitoring of rail crossings
  • Improved efficiency in freight loading
  • Automated maintenance systems for rail track
  • Integrating a bespoke warehouse management system
  • Carriage heating systems

Learn more about these, and several other success stories, in the Radius Case Study Guide below.

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