R&D tax relief for innovation in printing

The hi-tech printing industry is constantly innovating, and Radius has helped printing companies claim generous R&D tax relief and allowances.

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R&D tax relief in the printing industry

Printing is a major industry in the UK, producing products from books, magazines and newspapers, to maps, clothing, packaging and more. Modern digital printing is an especially hi-tech industry, consisting of some of the most innovative companies trading today. 

Radius has helped several major businesses within the printing industry, enabling them to claim back tens of thousands in R&D tax relief. If you operate in the printing industry, get in touch with Radius today. 


Saved for a developer of printing machines

One area of their R&D involved the development of a printer to undertake multiple printing functions in one streamlined process. Uncertainties included achieving optimal speed times and achieving the correct application and pressures for the relevant aspect of the machines, whilst ensuring this was all undertaken simultaneously.


Saved for a supplier of specialised printing machines for the print industry

Development of new and enhancement of existing print machines. Technical problems arose with regards to the strength and accuracy of the final product produced by the machinery developed by the business. Challenges included significantly increasing speed whilst maintaining a high level of quality.


Saved for a manufacturer of printing inks for the textile market

The company are constantly seeking to remain at the forefront of their sector so conduct ongoing R&D to introduce new products to the market which are cheaper, higher quality and time-efficient for customers. This has included work surrounding the properties of raw materials and their application.

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