Partner with Radius

The Radius team are specialists in ensuring businesses can claim their full entitlement to R&D tax reliefs for innovation.

Why work with Radius on behalf of your clients? 

R&D tax relief is very generous. An SME incurring £100k of qualifying costs could save in the region of £25k in tax. These claims may go back two financial years, so first-time claimants will particularly benefit.

We can also help your client claim Patent Box Tax Relief. For businesses who have patented their resulting IP, Patent Box Tax Relief allows them to pay a lower Corporation Tax rate of 10% on profits arising from patented products or services.

When you partner with Radius, you can relax and be confident that you and your clients are being looked after by dedicated specialists in R&D tax reliefs. 

  • What makes Radius different?

    • We have never had a claim amended as a result of an HMRC enquiry. 
    • We are one of very few R&D specialist firms who has an ex-HMRC Inspector as part of our team, to ensure that all claims are fully compliant before submission. 
    • We are the official R&D partners for several local Chambers of Commerce and other organisations. 
    • We have saved our clients tens of millions of pounds in tax across a wide spectrum of industries. 

  • Does your client qualify?

    If your clients are paying technical staff to solve technical problems, there may be scope for them to claim if they are:

    • Modifying a manufacturing process
    • Developing bespoke software
    • Creating a new product or improving an existing one

    Eligible companies can obtain tax relief on qualifying expenditure either by reducing taxable profits or creating (or increasing) tax losses which can be sacrificed to HMRC in return for a cash repayment.

    The opportunities for making a claim are often overlooked however, with business owners overestimating the level of innovation required to claim. These business owners may be missing out on huge tax savings.

    To get started and to partner with us to help support your clients, contact Radius today.