R&D tax relief in manufacturing & engineering

Learn how the Radius team has helped manufacturing and engineering companies save hundreds of thousands of pounds in R&D tax reliefs.

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R&D tax relief for innovation in manufacturing & engineering

Manufacturing and engineering is another vast sector within the UK economy, employing millions of people and spending tens of millions of pounds on research and development projects. 

The manufacturing and engineering industry is dominated by forward-thinking, innovative businessesa number of whom Radius has already helped save millions of pounds in tax through R&D tax relief. 


Savings for an electronics manufacturer

Development of specialised electronics test equipment. The R&D carried out by the company mostly includes continuous performance improvements to their existing product ranges, as well as the development of new products. Major uncertainties include solving overheating problems with several components, and how to develop and integrate various additional features to meet customer requirements.


Saved for a packaging manufacturing company

Innovative high-performance packaging solutions. As part of their R&D projects, the company are continuously developing new products and utilising new manufacturing techniques. Their projects include increasing capability in the sector by successfully using recycled waste materials within their products, and creating affordable and environmentally friendly solutions with enhanced material properties for a range of applications.


Saved for a specialist manufacturer of thermal systems

The company’s R&D is demonstrated across a range of projects including process improvement, product development and software development. From developing automated machine processes, to developing unique solutions for recycling processes, and creating bespoke internal software. Uncertainties encountered include achieving the required levels of scalability and meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

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