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Radius has helped businesses take advantage of generous tax relief for innovation across a wide range of industries.

R&D tax relief can be claimed for any industry

R&D tax reliefInnovation Grants and Patent Box tax relief are claimable by companies in any industry.  

The Radius team has saved clients tens of millions of pounds in tax through R&D tax relief, and we have done this across a wide range of industry types. 

If your industry is not here, no problem, we can still help you – simply get in touch with our team today or use our free R&D tax credit calculator to get started. 

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Case Studies


Savings for an electronics manufacturer

Development of specialised electronics test equipment. The R&D carried out by the company mostly includes continuous performance improvements to their existing product ranges, as well as the development of new products. Major uncertainties include solving overheating problems with several components, and how to develop and integrate various additional features to meet customer requirements.


Saved for an engineering consultancy

The company’s R&D surrounded developing design solutions for new products and systems, as well appreciably improving existing plant, machinery, and associated systems to enhance both their functional and structural performance. Uncertainties faced by the company included ensuring structures are functionally safe, equipped to deal with complex external behaviours, and able to fit within constrained spaces. Qualifying R&D activity included undertaking detailed analysis, computer-aided design and iterative testing throughout the whole development phase.


Saved for a software company

R&D carried out by the company involved the development of new platforms and features, including functionality to centralise import processes and replace manual processes, reconciling batches of data, as well as a platform to process payments. The company have also conducted R&D in developing intelligent solutions for data capture from forms.

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