R&D tax relief in the construction industry

Whatever your construction project, if your innovative work qualifies you may be able to claim hundreds of thousands of pounds in R&D tax reliefs.

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R&D tax relief for innovation in construction

From design and procurement to manufacturing and logistics, the construction industry is responsible for vast, innovative leaps that benefit the whole industry and beyond. This innovation is rewarded through generous R&D tax relief, including R&D tax credits, Innovation Grants and Patent Box tax relief. 

Below are a handful of companies, operating in the construction industry, who Radius has helped save hundreds of thousands of pounds through R&D tax relief. 


Saved for an engineering consultancy

The company’s R&D surrounded developing design solutions for new products and systems, as well appreciably improving existing plant, machinery, and associated systems to enhance both their functional and structural performance. Uncertainties faced by the company included ensuring structures are functionally safe, equipped to deal with complex external behaviours, and able to fit within constrained spaces. Qualifying R&D activity included undertaking detailed analysis, computer-aided design and iterative testing throughout the whole development phase.


Saved for a engineering company

The company’s R&D claim included major projects for accommodation, residential, commercial, retail, industrial and leisure developments. Some examples of the uncertainties faced and innovative development carried out included: designing high rise apartments whilst preserving areas of archaeological importance, safe demolition of specific parts of a building without undermining its structural integrity and undertaking specific developments whilst complying with the extra-legal protection that comes along with certain buildings.


Saved for a window manufacturer

Developing an integrated window design, configuration and production system that would enable the accurate and efficient, non-wasteful production of its specialised bespoke products. Several logistical and manufacturing challenges were faced throughout the claim period which were overcome, all of which led to a significant material waste, time and cost saving for the company. This has given the company a clear advantage in the industry due to its ability to offer a quick, quality service at a competitive price.

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