Unrivalled expertise in helping companies claim R&D tax relief. Radius has never had a claim amended by an HMRC enquiry.

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  • £19m

    Saving clients £19m in R&D tax relief over the last six years

  • £38k

    Our average R&D tax relief claim for our clients last year was £38k

If you pay technical staff to solve technical problems, you may be entitled to around a quarter of the amount you have spent innovating on R&D back in the form of tax relief.

  • What is Radius?

    Radius is a unique service designed to ensure businesses can claim their full entitlement to Government-backed tax reliefs for innovation.

    We can help you claim generous R&D tax relief and allowances. Radius has never had a claim amended by HMRC as a result of an enquiry.

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The Radius team includes an ex-HMRC Inspector, who reviews all claims, ensuring they are robust and compliant before submission.

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Radius is part of the best qualified, award-winning tax team in the region with over a dozen Chartered Tax Advisers

The unique Radius approach enables us to quickly and accurately assess a company’s eligibility to claim generous R&D tax relief.

  • How much could you claim back?

    Whatever your company does, if you are paying technical people to solve technical problems, you may be able to claim generous tax breaks on innovation – around 25% of the amount you spent innovating! Get started with Radius today.

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Success Stories


Saved for an engineering consultancy

The company’s R&D surrounded developing design solutions for new products and systems, as well appreciably improving existing plant, machinery, and associated systems to enhance both their functional and structural performance. Uncertainties faced by the company included ensuring structures are functionally safe, equipped to deal with complex external behaviours, and able to fit within constrained spaces. Qualifying R&D activity included undertaking detailed analysis, computer-aided design and iterative testing throughout the whole development phase.


Saved for a packaging manufacturing company

Innovative high-performance packaging solutions. As part of their R&D projects, the company are continuously developing new products and utilising new manufacturing techniques. Their projects include increasing capability in the sector by successfully using recycled waste materials within their products, and creating affordable and environmentally friendly solutions with enhanced material properties for a range of applications.


Saving for a cyber security specialist

Development of products to prevent attacks on APIs. Developing such solution for APIs is difficult due to the level and complexity of traffic created. Working at the forefront of their field, the company faced uncertainties surrounding processing a variety of possible data types, structuring data in a specialised way whilst processing it quickly.

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