Quality Statement

Our Quality Statement

We will continuously strive to exceed the expectations of our clients and other stakeholders of our business.  Our quality objectives are:

  • To actively promote high-quality standards and support our team to have quality at the centre of their working life
  • To provide time and resources to our team, to undertake the necessary training required, to provide a quality service
  • To provide our team with a working environment that is comfortable, healthy and free from undue pressure
  • To monitor the workloads and capacity of our team to ensure they do not work unnecessary overtime and have breaks that provide them with opportunities to refresh and recharge
  • To continuously improve the quality of our processes and procedures
  • To undertake regular risk reviews
  • To ensure our policies and procedures comply with all relevant legislation and have a monitoring system in place to identify relevant changes to legislation
  • To design procedures that include an independent review of client work
  • To take into consideration the way we choose to do our work has on the environment, seeking opportunities to have a zero or positive impact
  • To have a Quality Management System that actively supports our quality objectives and provides time and resources to those responsible for running the QMS
The Shorts offices in Sheffield and Chesterfield will be closed from 11:30am on Friday 25th November due to a staff event. Our offices will be open as normal from Monday 28th November.