Tailored Financial Supportby Genus

A finance lead brings a uniquely qualified financial understanding which ensures that the business stays as close to the intended path going-forward as possible.



We now have a better understanding of the numbers and because of that, we are making informed decisions to drive growth in the business.


Jack Thompson, Managing Director, Thompson Tree Services


Every business wants to head in a unique, strategic direction, and you, as the Managing Director, CEO or business owner, are in the driving seat.

For many successful businesses, a finance lead brings a uniquely qualified financial understanding which ensures that the business stays as close to the intended path going-forward as possible.

From developing a long-term financial strategy, improving the insights from your accounts, and assisting strategic spending, to cutting waste and helping raise business capital, a Finance Lead is vital to the long-term success and growth of a business.


How Genus can help

Not all businesses are able to employ a qualified and experienced finance lead full-time, such as a Finance Director, CFO or Non-Exec Director, and this often leads to a lack of financial direction. However, that doesn’t mean your business needs to miss out on the vital contribution a finance lead brings.

With the Tailored Financial Support offering from Genus, you can outsource your Finance Director, CFO or Non-Exec Director role, and we will use our decades of experience to work closely with your leadership team, driving your strategic vision forward in the right direction.

Our team are also specialists in providing relevant, bespoke training to members of our clients’ finance teams, so that they can be more confident and successful when taking the finance reins of the business in the future.

So, get in touch with Genus today, and find out how our experienced team can help your business get to where it wants to.

Financial Leadership & Support

There are no shortcuts with financial strategy, and we will help you drive efficiencies and deliver success in a multitude of areas. We want to truly understand your business and its goals, and help you deliver them.

Client CFO

As your client CFO, we will help to define and execute the company strategy, with the longer term vision and objectives kept front and centre. The unique view and understanding that a CFO has will be vital to the success of your growth strategy.

genus team in meeting

Client Finance Director

As your client FD, we will ensure systems, processes and reporting are capable of supporting the business long term. We will set well defined KPIs, deliver accurate forecasts, and embed robust reporting across the whole business not just the finance team.

Non-Exec Director

As a Non-Exec director, we will help improve your business by highlighting efficiencies, cutting waste, providing a sounding board for your future plans.

Bespoke support, guidance and strategy

Here are just a few of the key areas where we will be able to help.

  • Helping you develop a long-term financial strategy
  • Helping with strategic spending and cutting waste
  • Helping you communicate with the wider team
  • Identifying and plugging gaps in your accounts
  • Helping raise capital for your business, if needed

As part of our CFO services, we have partnered with Lucidity, a state-of-the-art business strategy platform which makes robust strategies simple to build, understand and execute. You can learn more about the benefits of Lucidity on their website.

Genus are a Lucidity accredited partner


Is your business ready for a qualified CFO?

If you are interested in working with a qualified client CFO, with a commercially focussed finance mindset and wide industry knowledge, speak to Genus today about how we can take your business to the next level.