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Software Solutions is a service shaped to enable businesses to work smarter not harder. We work with you to design and improve your systems, providing a fully bespoke service tailored to your needs.



The package was set up ready for use, good friendly teaching sessions and a fast response when needed. All in all a great service!

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Genus will work alongside your leadership team to identify and implement improvements within your business. We will work closely with you from the early planning stages, right on through to delivery and training, providing continuous support throughout and beyond the project.

Genus is proud to be a Xero Platinum Partner and is one of the top 2% of Xero partners in the UK for clients and certified advisors.

Our team was named “Advisory Team of the Year” at the Yorkshire Accountancy Awards, and was described as a “standout example of a modern practice” in Xero’s “The Pacesetters”. We were also named Large Firm of the Year at the 2022 Xero Awards.


Genus are a Lucidity accredited partnerGenus is an award-winning Xero Platinum partner

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Strategic use of innovative software

The Genus team will apply its extensive experience, across a multitude of industries, to deliver our clients strategic insights, training, support and more. Genus software solutions include, but aren’t limited to, the following:


  • Process Efficiency Reviews: We can map existing processes within your business and look at ways they can be streamlined to provide efficiencies.
  • Xero Utilisation Reviews: If you currently use Xero, we can review it and make sure you are getting the most out of the platform. This can also include changing the set up to ensure Xero is providing you with the reporting information you need to run your business.
  • Conversions to Xero: If you are currently using different software to manage your accounts but would like to move to Xero, we can do the full conversion, including training and support
  • Xero training: We have a wealth of Xero knowledge within our team, and we’d love to share this with you. Whether that is training for someone that has never used Xero or have used Xero for years but would like a more advanced training session.
  • Xero support packages: We offer support packages which provide regular Xero support and quarterly health checks with app recommendations
  • App Advisory: We can scope and recommend different apps which will provide solutions to your business needs, we can then integrate these with your Xero account.

How we use software

With over 1000 apps in the Xero Marketplace, it can get confusing which add-ons will work for your business, and which are not worth your time. At Genus we have worked with many of the apps available within different businesses and industries. We are therefore best placed to work with you to view your requirements and select the right add-on for you. We have picked out our ‘go to’ apps that we like to work with below, each supporting differing functions within a business.

We have picked out our ‘go to’ apps that we like to work with below, each supporting differing functions within a business.

Our favourite apps

  • For day to day efficiencies

    Xero Payroll: Built within Xero itself, this can allow you to produce your payslips, automatically posting journals into your accounts and sending the data to HMRC and your pension provider

    Dext: Allowing you to take pictures of receipts and purchase invoices, it will read the data and post it into Xero with the picture attached

    Pleo: For easy expense management and invoice processing, including paying suppliers

  • Linking your operations to Xero

    Unleashed: Full stock management system

    Workflow Max: Project management system including time recording

  • Get paid faster

    Chaser: Send out automatic email reminders that don’t look automated, freeing up time to chase any larger or older debts

    GoCardless: Set up direct debits increasing the speed you get paid from customers

    Stripe: Allow a ‘pay now’ button to appear on your Xero invoices, collecting card payments effortlessly

  • Improve your reporting

    Fathom: Allows you to generate fully tailored bespoke reports with non-financial data, bringing in KPI monitoring. It can be used for forecasting, to bring in budgets and ‘goal seek’ to look at the impact of different business decisions and how to reach your goals.

    PowerBI: Turns your financial and non-financial data into in-depth insights using bespoke data modelling and visualisations.


  • Get finance or improve your credit score

    Capitalise: Allowing you to search multiple finance providers to get the funding required and improve your credit score


Genus Software Case Studies

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