Selling a business

Our team of specialists have successfully sold hundreds of businesses and are vastly experienced. If you’ve decided to sell, Shorts are here to help you achieve your objectives.

Selling a businessthe right way

For a business owner, selling your business is one of the most important transactions you will undertake. It is the payoff for years, perhaps decades of dedication and investment, which is why it’s crucial that you chose the right advisers to help you sell your business the right way.

Our multi-award-winning Corporate Finance are focussed on providing an exceptional, personable service, where we apply the broad knowledge that we have gained from years of advising on business sales.

How Shorts can help

If you want to sell your business, our team will design and lead you through an efficient and precise disposal process that both maximises the interest in your business and aims to achieve the best valuation possible. To do this, we will:

  • Conduct detailed and through worldwide market research using all the databases and technical tools available to us
  • Ensure we leverage appropriately all of our UK and international corporate finance contacts, and
  • Utilise our international reach through our membership of the Praxity Global Alliance.
Corporate finance team at work

Finding the right buyer

To maximise sale value and to ensure the smoothest and most beneficial transaction for all involved, our team will match your business with the most appropriate buyer.

This is often a complex process that can involve significantly more time than initially expected, which is why a DIY approach is usually not a realistic option. Our team has access to the very latest tools and data to ensure the best possible buyer can be found at the right time.

business sale discussion

Ensure your business is ready for sale

The Shorts team will help you with readiness for sale, ensuring it passes the seller’s due diligence checks and can be sold for the best possible valuation. Throughout this transactional readiness process, we will help you:

  • Get the best possible price for your company
  • Ensure all legal obligations are met
  • Ensure your financial and taxation positions are clear, and
  • Ensure your corporate structure is optimal before the sale

Tax when selling a business

Tax is an inevitable factor in the selling of a business. The Shorts team will ensure that a robust tax strategy is put in place for you before purchase, thereby avoiding unexpected tax bills on completion of the sale. We will help you with tax planning on selling a business by:

  • Minimising tax penalties
  • Ensuring the company’s tax position is as attractive as possible for buyers
  • Reduce, where possible, the Capital Gains Tax payable, and
  • Structuring the sale to minimise tax liabilities

The Shorts team will combine its extensive business tax and corporate finance knowledge to ensure that your company’s tax position is as strong as possible before the sale.

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