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We now have a better understanding of the numbers and because of that, we are making informed decisions to drive growth in the business.

Jack Thompson, Managing Director Thompson Tree Services

We decided to move to Shorts in March / April 2020 when we felt that we had outgrown the accountancy firm we were using.

At that stage, we were established, growing, and needing support from someone with a better understanding of the company and the financials.   We felt we were running the business blind.  Year on year, we were waiting until the year-end to understand how the business was doing.

We didn’t realise what we were missing until we came to Shorts and then it was a breath of fresh air.

We started receiving monthly management reports from the Genus team and this together with their interpretations opened our eyes to new information on our business. We took this a step further with Gary Moorhouse and held strategy days, in which we discussed our longer-term business objectives. The Genus team put together tailored support to meet our specific needs. It’s the fact that it is tailored support that we really like, rather than a package deal.

Having the ability to sit down with someone who really understands our business and being able to work collectively on a strategy to make it better, is a real advantage to us. It makes you wonder how we used to do it, particularly without the monthly management reports.

Working with Genus is like having another person working alongside us in the company, someone who is more than just the accountant – They’re part of the team.

Men looking t large tree felling equipment

We are in a much stronger position because we now understand the numbers, much more than we ever have done.   There is still a lot more to learn, but because we have a better understanding of the company finances, we are able to make informed decisions, and that is important to us.

We were presented with limited financial information in the past but without any helpful interpretation.  But now all of that information is presented to us differently and Shorts have allowed us to understand what seemed like a ‘dark art’.

We now understand how we can grow.  Because you can’t do one without the other – it’s no good trying to grow without understanding where that growth is from and what drives it.  And we now run this business as ‘businesspeople’, and not just ‘tree people’ with an all-round understanding of where we are going, – not just the financials. – A true understanding of how the business is doing month on month.

Would we recommend Genus to a friend or associate?

Yes, definitely. – I think there are lots of businesses that could benefit from the service.

About Thompson Tree Services

Established in 2009, Thompson Tree Services (Midlands) Ltd is an arboricultural contracting and consultancy company. 

They have an enviable reputation for providing professional, high quality tree care and vegetation management services to customers across all industry sectors, nationwide from their Derbyshire base.


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