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Excellent, all the way through the quote process, feeling confident in investing in this in the first place, to implementation and then ongoing support. It has just been second to none. When you ring up, it’s like you’re ringing up a friend.

Matt Wheatcroft (Managing Director) & Sam Wheatcroft (Finance Manager)

What were the issues that you faced originally?

We had been using SAGE forever. It was clunky, hard to use. It always seemed to have technical issues. Being PC based with a licence, there always seemed to be an update you had to pay for. It just became a hassle. You had to be in the office as well; you couldn’t use it remotely, unless by a VPN. For a business like us, where we use the latest technology, it just killed us.


Did you know about Xero before you came to Shorts?

I’d looked at Xero previously – they were very good with advertising and videos and explainers, and it didn’t feel like an accounting package, but I think at the time it was probably aimed at smaller one-man bands. We got the point where we were looking at web/cloud-based systems and it just appealed to us.


Why did you choose Shorts to help with that Xero conversion?

We had the conversation with Shorts initially, so we knew we needed something; we knew we were changing the CRM for the entire business.

We brought Shorts in to help with the year end and other areas, and we felt comfortable with everyone that we’d met. Nothing was too much trouble. It was explained well, and when we had any doubts or fears you guys put that to rest across the board.

The support has been excellent, and the prices were great as well.

How did you feel about changing systems?

At first, we were nervous. And when we first moved into it, we were working with a new system, in lockdown – and with three kids.

But within a month, we were up and running. The support from Shorts was fantastic and, I do honestly believe, especially with COVID, if we were using SAGE we’d have been in a bit of a mess.

I can ring you up and you may be busy and might not answer straight away, but I’m comfortable I will get the answer within the day.

Members of Genus, Management accounts and software for Xero and cloud accounting

What have the key benefits been from making this change?

It’s could-based, with multiple users, it’s easy to use with much better reporting, and then the ability to use the various apps, whenever you need them. To be able to jump on any PC – it doesn’t even have to be your own; just log in and then you’re away. You can use it on your phone too.

We’ve given access to other staff members who need to see various different things. They can see if that client owes us cash; whereas before, they were coming to us constantly because we were the only ones who had access to SAGE without paying hundreds of pounds for licences.


How would you describe the support throughout the project, and afterwards?

Excellent, all the way through the quote process, feeling confident in investing in this in the first place, to implementation and then ongoing support. It has just been second to none. When you ring up, it’s like you’re ringing up a friend.

Shorts are patient enough to bear with us, let us get our heads around something, and then when we’ve actually nailed it, we don’t need you again (in a nice way).

What would you say to someone else thinking of doing a similar project?

Move from SAGE to Xero tomorrow. It’s like driving an old car and you’re hanging on to it, and it’s a clapped-out old banger, when you get a new one, it’s a completely different experience.

Everything is so much quicker – with reconciling the bank, and the credit cards, it’s just drag and drop. Before it could take you a day or two to do it.

I used to get stressed when it was the month end, whereas now I’m comfortable that I can get it all done.


Has the new system and working with Shorts enabled you to do anything differently?

As a family, we’re going away for the entire of August. While we’re away, we’re still able do the accounts, and we’ll be ‘checking in’ because the world’s changed a little bit. That’s why we’ve done it, because we can. Could we have done that last year, or the year before? – No chance. We’d have to get someone in, and then it’s trusting someone else to do it.

it’s an absolute game changer: it’s cloud based, we trust it, and it works – it’s easy


“Purpose Media has been a leader in the marketing industry for 13 years, focusing on innovation to deliver results through Digital, Web, Creative and Video.

We’re a full-service agency based in the Midlands and work with clients to understand their objectives and audience, using marketing strategy to make a meaningful difference to their business and help them attract the right customers. We’re pretty good at it too – our clients have even chosen us as a ‘Recommended Agency’ on The Drum.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been able to retain all our clients and, most importantly, our staff. We’re proud to say that we’ve kept the full Purpose Media team onboard and have expanded the digital and account management teams in response to growth. This success is a great boost as we continue to see positive performance from our clients and the Purpose Media team.”


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