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There is no way that we would be in the exciting position that we are right now if it had not been for the full support of Shorts.

Nik Pratap - Managing Partner, Pratap Partnership Ltd

My family’s links with Shorts go back around 30 years, so I’ve known a lot about the heritage of the firm. But my relationship started around five years ago, firstly with Andy and it really took off then. What’s been really special is the relationship with all the other partners has grown at the same rate. I just have them on a pedestal as being the leaders in this market and would trust everyone in the firm.

The relationship is strong for a number of reasons; it has got all the vital ingredients to make it work. I have a huge amount of trust and respect for the partners but dependent upon the query I have, I might speak to someone else within the firm – this has happened over the last few months. Everyone that I’ve spoken to has been very informed and totally impressive in what they were offering and clearly has the same values and attention that comes from the top. It’s very, very clear that the firm is built on good people.

Adam Ames has been absolutely superb – from a technical point of view, faultless. The contribution he made to the business plan was not only fantastic in terms of the quality but also in the time that he delivered it, and he got the right level of ‘hand-holding’. For the first meeting, he was there to help, the second one he was just there to help me prepare beforehand, and that’s what made all the difference.

Everyone I’ve spoken to, from Adam Ames, Andy Ryder, Gary Moorhouse, everybody has an interest in you as a person and everything you’re doing as well. It’s not just the pieces of paper that are in front of you and the numbers. You look forward to visiting Shorts because you know you can share your excitement and that you’ll come away with some really good ideas too.

There is no way that we would be in the exciting position that we are right now if it had not been for the full support of Shorts.

Shorts Services

Accountancy Services
  • Annual accounts and corporation tax
  • Payroll management
Business Taxes
  • Business tax planning
Private Client
  • Personal Self Assessment compliance
  • Personal tax advice
  • Xero set up
  • Business review meetings
Corporate Finance
  • Drafting business plans
  • Obtaining business finance

About the Pratap Partnership

The Pratap Partnership are experts in financial recruitment across Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and East Midlands.

The partners have worked effectively together for most of the past 20 years, receiving the best foundations in a multinational at the beginning and evolving to create and co-own the Pratap Partnership.

The business is built upon the successful history of their individuals, made even more effective by the strong team that they collectively make. They share the same commitment to the highest of standards, a passion for all aspects of the recruitment sector and the highest levels of trust, respect and commitment to each other.

The finance community has been their world for many years and they are proud to play an active role within it. The CFOs, Finance Directors, Partners and HR community are the VIPs of our client network.

All finance professionals from graduates to leaders, the accountancy institutes and higher education providers are their candidate network.   The Pratap Partnership support local and national advisors including banks, solicitors and accountancy firms, alongside the private equity and investment community to ensure they receive the knowledge and referrals that the wider network can provide to benefit clients and candidates.

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COVID-19In line with government guidance we’re delighted to be welcoming back clients, business partners and the Shorts team to our offices from 19th July 2021. We want to make sure that all visitors feel comfortable during their visit, please let us know if there is anything you would like us to put in place prior to your visit. We’ll still be following best practice and will have all hygiene requirements covered.