One Stop Managed Waste Solutions

Knowing that Shorts were in our corner and able to sort the difficult questions was great.

Jonathan Slater - former Director of One Stop Managed Waste Solutions

Short’s own philosophy to be a ‘one stop shop’ to our own clients was demonstrated in the successful sale of One Stop Managed Waste Solutions Limited. From compliance services (including preparation of statutory accounts) to pension and investment advice, Shorts provided a full suite of services to the business owners of One Stop – from start, to finish.

After early discussions with the directors of One Stop (Paul Gratton and Jonathan Slater) to understand their objectives, the services provided by Shorts over the years running up to the sale were structured to help prepare the business for sale and maximise its potential value; whilst the Tax Planning team ensured that our clients’ remuneration (prior to any potential sale) was always maximised on an ongoing basis.

The transaction and sale of One Stop, led by our Corporate Finance team, was eventually achieved to Bagnall & Morris.

What Jonathan Slater said –

We first engaged Shorts, probably five or six years ago when the business was expanding and we outgrew our existing accountants. At that time, we were also looking for tax advice, so we went out into the marketplace and Shorts were one of the first firms to come back to us.

We arranged an appointment, and from then on we could see how Shorts could benefit our business as they offered a lot more than our existing provider. Initially, we just used their accountancy and tax services, but we soon took on their payroll service as well, and eventually, we got in touch with the Corporate Finance team with a view to putting the business up for sale.

For me, one of the most important factors when working with Shorts, was the relationship we built up with a few key people and the ability to just pick up the phone and get an answer. We knew that if there was anything we didn’t understand we could put it in their court and the answer we received, we could trust.

During the negotiation stage of selling the business, I’ll be quite honest, a lot of it went over our heads, so knowing that Shorts were in our corner and able to sort the difficult questions was great.

The tax planning advice around dividends and allowances made a massive difference to Paul and me personally, and the work Shorts did through the use of alphabet shares etc, made a big difference to us.

What three words would I use to describe Shorts? – Professional, trustworthy and reliable.

Shorts Services

Accountancy Services
  • Annual accounts and corporation tax
  • Payroll management
  • Management accounts assistance
  • The preparation of Completion Accounts once the business was sold
Corporate Finance
  • Research and selection of prospective buyers
  • Preparation of a blind profile flyer and information memorandum
  • Leading negotiations with the buyer to maximise proceeds
  • Managing the due diligence process
  • Advising on the financial and legal documents required for the transaction
  • Project managing the transaction through to completion
Business Taxes
  • Entrepreneurs’ Relief planning for the sellers
  • Personal tax planning pre and post completion, covering share restructuring, pre-sale profit extraction and pension contributions
  • Advice to minimise tax risks associated with the transaction
  • Managing the tax due diligence process
  • Supporting the legal advisers with the drafting of the tax warranties and indemnities, as well as the disclosure letter
  • General support throughout the deal
  • Managing post sale compliance and self-assessment tax returns
Private Client
  • Pension advice

About One Stop Managed Waste Solutions

One Stop Managed Waste Solutions has a reputation and a proven track record of helping their clients with waste minimisation, implementation of robust recycling systems, and gaining access to rebates for their waste packaging. Serving all industry sectors and specialising in equipping Logistics Hubs; Warehouses; and Distribution Centres, they deliver recycling and waste solutions designed to be both flexible and sustainable, to compliment and accommodate expected growth in the thriving sector.

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