Charity and Volunteering

We regularly take part in local and national fundraising events,
and each have the opportunity to take part in one volunteering day each year.

Our team has the opportunity to undertake one day of volunteering per year and is regularly involved in fundraising.

Michelle Frost, Finance and Operations Director

From Coffee mornings to Christmas Jumper days, Skydives, football tournaments, and tough mudder, our team is often involved in fundraising, volunteering, and charity events, both inside and outside of work. All team members have the opportunity to take part in one day volunteering per year.

In 2021, Shorts also joined the Rise initiative, an ICAEW-led programme that aims to help young people from lower economic backgrounds and the poorest UK households.  Volunteers support sessions and develop relationships with schools within their communities with a view to raising the aspirations of young students and helping them understand their career choices.

Several members of the Shorts team have already taken part in volunteering sessions around the region, with some of their experiences shared here.

What we've been up to

Charity and fundraising

  • Sky-Diving

    Sky-Diving for Ashgate Hospice 2023

    Two members of our team (Lauren Crampton and Sarah Whitehead) completed a charity sky-dive raising funds in memory of Lauren's father for Ashgate Hospice in September 2023. This amazing effort saw them raise over £2,200 - well done from us all.

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  • Coffee and Cake

    MacMillan Coffee morning 2023

    We have hosted Macmillan Coffee mornings for a number of years, at both our Sheffield and Chesterfield offices. Our team brought in all their favourite homemade sweets and between both offices, we raised an amazing £265.14! Thank you to all our wonderful bakers.

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  • Sparkle Walk 2023

    Ashgate Hospice Sparkle Night Walk

    On the evening of 1st July 2023, 13 members of the Shorts team donned their 'sparkly shorts' and raised over £1,000 as TEAM SPARKLE SHORTS in the Ashgate Hospice Sparkle Night Walk.

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  • Sheffield Half Marathon 2023

    Running for Support Dogs Limited

    Brian Gooch, Liam Buttery, Sarah Whitehead and Craig Lucas raised over £485 for Support Dogs Limited when they ran the Sheffield Half Marathon 2023

  • Sheffield Business Fives

    Football for Ashgate Hospice

    Matt Burton, Daniel Thomas, Bobby Thompson, Liam Buttery, Joe Nelson, Jake Furniss, Sean Busby, and Will Blumenstock, played in the Sheffield Business Fives in February 2023. They didn't win the tournament but had a great time raising £290 for Ashgate Hospice

Volunteering - RISE initiative

Martin Dean

Why did you volunteer for the RISE project?

Coming from a working-class background I wanted to share my story and progression with students from a similar background.

What did you have to do?

Introduce myself, explain what I do, and what helped me get to where I am now. The students were set challenges and tasks and I was there mainly to help/guide them to complete the challenges

Where did this take place?

Doncaster, Serlby Park Academy in November 2022

What was the reaction from those you were speaking/presenting to?

The students were interested in my career path (given I didn’t go to university). They were also interested in my time spent travelling and what I learnt during that time.

What Qs were you asked?

‘How much money do you earn?’ ‘Did you always want to be an accountant?’ To be honest, I was more interested in hearing what they wanted to do and offered advice on how to potentially get there

Did you feel it had been a worthwhile experience?

Absolutely. I remember not having a clue what I wanted to do or be at a young age (other than be a footballer). It was great to see lots of young adults knowing exactly what they want to be and how they were going to get there. I was there to reassure those who weren’t so sure what they wanted to be (based on my own career journey)

Did you enjoy it?

Yes, I would recommend it to others and also do it again

Did your experience meet your prior expectations?

Yes and more. I wanted to help in any way I could, and I left with the feeling that a lot of the advice I gave the students (even if it was just reassurance) was appreciated. The only thing I didn’t like was being called ‘sir’….made me feel very old!

Martin's team profile

Lynne Gill

Why did you volunteer for the RISE project?

I know that to be successful, programmes such as RISE rely on volunteers. I attended a school that was not known for academic achievement and most of the pupils either took no exams or only sat CSEs. No one from my year at school went to University and I passed my degree as a mature student after I joined HMRC. I, therefore, had been in the pupil’s position and could relate to them.

What did you have to do?

The RISE programme consists of a number of tasks all aimed at developing specific skills such as communication, team working, and problem-solving. The pupils work in small groups and, as a volunteer, I moved between the groups helping with the tasks where assistance was needed and talking to the pupils about how the tasks relate to my job and why the skills are important. There were also opportunities to talk to the pupils about their career aspirations and about my own education and career.

What Qs were you asked?

They asked lots of questions ranging from ‘Did you know what you wanted to do when you left school ?’ to ‘What is your favourite chocolate?’ They made me feel very welcome and were happy to include me in the tasks and their conversations.

Did you feel it had been a worthwhile experience?

I really enjoyed my morning at the Academy and feel it was a worthwhile thing to do. I was busy all morning and would have happily spent more time there. I felt that I learned as much, if not more, from the pupils as they learnt from me. I will definitely volunteer again if the opportunity arises.

Did you enjoy it?

I would recommend being a RISE volunteer but feel that you have to be a confident person and have experience talking to teenagers to enjoy it ( I was a guide leader for nearly 30 years). There were approximately 70 pupils taking part and they were noisy and excitable. It is not for the fainthearted!

Did your experience meet your prior expectations?

The experience far exceeded my expectations. I did wonder whether I was too old to relate to the pupils and whether they would be interested in talking to me. In fact, they were more than happy to talk and listen and I did feel that I had made a difference.

Lynne's team profile

Supporting our clients - living our lives

Team focus

Our recruitment program includes many just starting out on their career journey in accountancy.

Whether joining through our graduate program, as an apprentice or studying for higher qualifications, all of our trainees are fully supported throughout their training journey and many of our students stay with us full-time after completing their studies.

For many, completing professional qualifications is only the beginning of their journey, and understanding how to achieve a promotion or climb the career ladder is the natural next step.

So, our Management Development Program is designed specifically for those individuals wanting to understand, plan and navigate their route to promotion.

Through a program of structured courses, mentoring, and training we continue to support our team throughout their development journey.

We look after our clients really well, but we also look after our team, because we know that their welfare and development are equally as important.

For everyone, personal time when we are not working is extremely valuable, and it is for that reason, that our zero overtime policy was created.  Fundamentally, we do not expect any of our team to work more than their basic weekly hours.

Although this practice is quite unique within the accounting industry, we are proud to consistently see average overtime at less than one hour per employee per month.

Hybrid working, core hours, and zero overtime policies mean that our team manage their time better – both in and out of the office.

We don’t work to unrealistic timescales and never accept client work that we are unable to fulfil.

We aim to manage our employee levels to ensure that our team is always around 15% over capacity at any time, meaning that they should never feel overwhelmed or under undue pressure.

Consequently, our team have the appropriate time to focus on their work – time to think, time to analyse, and time to bounce off one another with ideas. Not only does this lead to improved job satisfaction, but also results in higher levels of client service.

We’ve created an environment where our team feel supported, developed and happy; a blend of interesting and challenging work, with time to contribute their own ideas, concentrate on personal development whilst ensuring a healthy life balance, both in and out of work.

Those who work for Shorts can expect all the stuff you would normally expect from a really progressive form, and lots more besides

We work together, celebrate our successes together and always share our team news.

To find out more about what’s been happening recently, visit our LinkedIn page.

Team News

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Shorts are delighted to announce the promotion of Kirstie Wilson to the position of Audit and Accounts Director with immediate effect. Since joining Shorts in 2016 as an Audit and Accounts Senior, Kirstie has demonstrated exceptional dedication and aptitude, earning promotions to Manager in 2018 and then Senior Manager in 2021. Her progression to Director is testament to her exemplary skills and continued commitment to excellence, and to the active role she has played in the development of our corporate team during that time.

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